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Local Man Disembowels Traveler to Consume Victim’s Last Meal

This man has not yet been identified.

LISTHAVEN – A 27-year old man was taken into custody by Hedding and Clavic forces in connection with the murder of a Derth man earlier this week.

The victim has been identified as 29-year old Ulred Bern, a textile dealer from Derth. Bern was en route to Everwind City when the attack occurred.

According to Listhaven’s Chief Magistrate, Commodore Rame Fegal, the suspect, who has yet to be identified, was apprehended just hours after the grisly scene was discovered. “Such attacks are not uncommon in the Verges,” Fegal said. “The area is known for violence of all types. This is a place where enforcing the law is inherently difficult, given the limited number of forces in proportion to the populace. Add to that the effects of extreme hunger and what you’re faced with is a potentially lethal situation.”

Investigators said the victim was alive throughout most of the attack. The suspect disemboweled Bern for the purposes of “getting at his last meal.” Bern was targeted for having been of upper middle class status, which made him more likely to have consumed a higher concentration of food not normally seen among the more impoverished.

In accordance with Clavic law, the suspect faces the death penalty. Trial is set to begin next week.

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