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Lothlani Leadership Bribes Public Not to Burn, Eat Books

JURA, LOTHLAN – The capital city of Lothlan has long been considered one of the premiere sources of culture and art. The most populous city in the world, it is home to such notable landmarks as the Siserian Temple, the Menovian Arch, the Hall of Giants, and the Aeryl-Lothlan Archive, the world’s largest library and museum (the second largest being Tillerday Hall, the library at Linsingram College in Scurn). Now thanks to Tyronius 1 of House Turcott, Jura’s reputation for elegance continues to inspire.

In an effort to reduce the widespread destruction of books, Tyronius issued a decree stating that books in “mannerly condition” could be turned over to the Archive in exchange for a respectable monetary reward. The decree goes into effect upon the turn of Trunalus.

“Be it known henceforth that we made our collective stand against the usurpation of knowledge and memory, the erosion of those thoughts from previous generations. We must take care to preserve these precious remnants of those who came before, lest we suffer the same fate at the hands of future generations,” said the King.

Some experts estimate that as many as 96 percent of the world’s books have been lost, eaten, or used as kindling. While there is dispute among scholars as to specifics in number of existing books, nearly all of them agree that the overwhelming illiteracy of the general populace is the primary contributor to the reckless disregard for literature. Some factions, such as the Legion of Liberty, have taken to disseminating information (books) through the use of repurposed MAVTODs (Military Audio/Video Transmission Order Devices), which use a hologram to “read” the book out loud because of the prevalence of illiteracy.

No estimates have been put forth as to how many books may be handed over, though many are thought to be preserved in private collections.

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