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Man Confesses to Robbing 16 People of Organs

EVERWIND CITY – A 54-year old man was taken into custody on suspicion of sixteen counts of organ theft. The suspect, Pery “Merdantes” Alnes, had conned affluent victims out of their sexual organs with the promise of transplanting them with working ones, claiming they would be able to produce children.

There is no known drug or procedure that can reverse the effects of infertility.

Alnes posed as a legitimate surgeon, using fresh organs from previous victims as props to lure them into the scam. Victims reported that Alnes would use the organs to demonstrate his expertise on the subject to establish trust. “He was very convincing,” said one victim, who requested to remain anonymous. “He spoke in a very technical manner. We thought he was a highly trained professional. We thought our dreams were about to come true.”

Such people are known on the streets as “turf surgeons.”

Medical experts were quick to dispel the myth of any miracle cure for infertility. Henrick Wydbern, a local daector who earned his physicianship at Amberdal, said that no such cure exists. “There is no known drug or procedure that can reverse the effects of infertility. It’s an unfortunate reality, but it’s the truth. The smartest people in the world are still trying to understand what went wrong with the Turmocet tragedy. We are no closer to an answer than we were eight years ago. But we won’t stop until we do.”

The Turmocet vaccine is still vilified by many as being a worse calamity than the plague itself. Authorities are cautioning citizens not to be taken in by swindlers with outrageous claims.

“It’s a feat of science that those victims didn’t die from the procedure,” said Daector Wydbern. “My guess is that the perpetrator had an accomplice, someone with legitimate medical training.” No word from authorities on whether any accomplices have been identified in conjunction with these crimes.

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