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Newest Drug is Also Most Dangerous – Officials Warn Citizens

HERENSEL – A new drug has emerged that is being hailed as the most dangerous substance in existence. It’s called Adoxipham. Known on the streets as dox, health officials recently released the results of a three-year study, and the results are frightening.

“What makes this drug so dangerous is that the user becomes addicted from just one dose, it is impossible to kick, and it is impossible to overdose on,” said D. Hemil Shore, Head of Physicianship at Linsingram College at Letania. “Because of these properties, this drug is being spread by force.” Scientists are still unable to reverse engineer the drug to determine what makes it so powerful. A number of theories abound, but the most prevalent seems to be the urban legend that the drug is laced with magic.

  • addicted from the first dose
  • no known way to kick the drug
  • impossible to overdose
  • spread by force

A source within the Gruenor Contraband Task Force confirmed D. Shore’s assessment. The drug is forcefully injected into victims – usually people from impoverished neighborhoods – by low-level dealers called pokers. “Because of the drug’s addictive properties, these pokers are creating a guaranteed return customer base, more loyal than anything else in history,” said a GCTF spokesperson, whose identity has been withheld.

The drug emerged on the streets around three years ago, yet no one seems to be able to pinpoint the origin of the substance. “The drug seems to have popped up simultaneously in various spots around the world, almost like it was orchestrated, a sort of timed release,” the GCTF spokesperson revealed.

The effects of the drug include euphoria, feelings of being disconnected from surroundings, relaxed demeanor, and inability to focus. As the effects wear off, users begin to transition into a state of acute paranoia, followed by a slow escalation of an intense burning sensation known as the “Slow Burn,” which is the primary motivator for users to seek out more of the drug. If left untended, the burning sensation can be debilitating.

In some parts of world, dox has spurred on a new fashion trend of wearing thick leather over most of the body, making it more difficult to be victimized.

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