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Return of Overball On the Horizon

JURA, LOTHLAN – It’s been nearly a decade since the last officially sanctioned overball match took place between the Letania Lightning and the Whitehall Anvils. Overball, the world’s most popular sport by far, saw its demise, like most everything, with the emergence of the Curella virus.

According to sources, negotiations among several major investors began for reinstitution of a new International Overball League earlier this week.

We contacted Daelan Urvish, former Chairman of the IOL, who confirmed the rumors. “Right now things are only in the beginning stages, but we should be back in full swing by Calius of next year.”

Urvish is slated to resume his position as the head of the IOL. Cities that are eligible can begin petitioning the league starting next month; several have already expressed interest, such as New Elid, who has already decided upon a name for their official team: the Terismark Traders.

“The world is in dire need of a morale boost, and this will hopefully provide it,” said Urvish. “People need something to inspire them, something to root for. Nothing gets the people impassioned quite like overball.”

When asked if legendary left breaker Ansen Tell would be returning to the sport, Urvish simply replied, “I certainly hope so. He’s a great player and can really draw a crowd. The ladies would also be pleased by his return.” Tell is known for his handsome looks in addition to his skills on the field.

The league is expected to also bring about a much needed boost to the global economy.

Overball is still the most popular sport among citizens. The new IOL is planned to be headquartered out of Jura this time around, instead of Derth, due to conflicts with the Clavic Empire.

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