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Reward Offered for Identity and Whereabouts of Mystery Author

VICTURUS – A multinational coalition is offering a reward of up to 125,000 Clavic Gildans for information leading to the identity and whereabouts of the mysterious pamphleteer known as Athenatos. It was made clear that the anonymous scholar was not wanted in conjunction with any crime, but that several nations have expressed interest in presenting he or she with a number of awards, most notably the Huthsing Prize, which is typically awarded annually for significant achievements with regard to the advancement of humanity. The Prize has not been awarded since 1332.

Athenatos is the pseudonym of the anonymous writer who penned the work Revelation of Influism, a sort of political and social manifesto that has had a viral effect. It is said to be the most influential work in the last century. The origins of the book remain a mystery, and since it first appeared there have been dozens of people who have claimed authorship. All of the claims have been debunked.

If you have any information regarding the identity or whereabouts of Athenatos, you are advised to contact your local magistrate. The reward will be given after the information has been vetted.

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