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Speaker Sorren Reelected for Fourth Term Under Suspicious Circumstances

NEW ELID – Former technology magnate Svir Sorren will continue to serve as Speaker for the New Preceptic State of Terismark. Raking in a devastating 96% of the vote, Sorren won reelection at this week’s polls, and will begin his fourth term in office at the turn of the month. Speaker Sorren has served as Terismark’s Speaker since its inception in 1327, enjoying little opposition in all but the initial election following the burgeoning state’s secession from Aeryl. The Terisian Constitution sets no term limits for its Assembly, so Sorren could potentially hold the office for life.

“I am honored and gratified by the faith the citizens of this great nation have shown in me,” said Sorren in his acceptance speech. “I look forward to working towards the best solutions in the coming years.”

The election results came as no surprise to many, even for his opponent Senator Perrio Israv, who is set to retain his position as Chairman of the Terisian Freedom Party.

“Some say it was a futile endeavor to run against the Speaker, but it needed to be done. Win or lose, the spirit of the preceptocracy must be upheld. Until our secession, there was no vote. Now that there is a vote, it does no good not to have one.” There has been much speculation from citizens and anti-corruption groups about the legitimacy of Sorren’s win, citing fraud or vote manipulation. When asked about this, the Senator simply replied, “I cannot speak to that. No one has brought any evidence forward, to my knowledge.”

Terismark remains just one of four nations that utilizes a form of governance other than a monarchy.

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