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Entire Terrorist Cell Executed Without Trial

NEW ELID, TERISMARK – In what was considered the most successful military operation in its history, the Terisian Guard raided and captured the entire New Elid cell of a subversive militant group known as the Legion of Liberty.

The faction was just one of many terrorist cells of the widespread organization, which experts estimate to number in the hundreds of members, and it is believed to have dozens of cells, called “charters,” spread throughout every region of the continent.

The raid was conducted in the early morning hours of 13 Jolanus at the group’s alleged safehouse in New Elid’s Wornwood District. The Guard seized a “small armory” of advanced weaponry, a “substantial amount” of illicit drugs, believed to have been used to fund the group’s activities, and an undisclosed number of books of a “seditious nature” that were stored on stolen military devices. The literature was being distributed to the poor in an attempt to incite uprising. Officials claim a total of nine were apprehended, whereby they were sentenced to death by hanging under direct orders from Terisian Speaker Svir Sorren under charge of high treason.

“Today, a heavy blow was delivered by the Terisian Guard,” said Sorren in a press conference the day following the raid. “Let this be an example to other nations that peace and justice will prevail. And to the remaining terrorists at large – there is nowhere to hide.”

Shortly following the execution, Terisian and international human rights groups, including Free Citizens Confederacy International, released an official statement condemning the execution, saying the group was denied a fair trial.

Radimir Kolkot, top FCCI lawyer, sharply criticized the act as an atrocity. “The very essence of liberty has been undermined. We must not let any entity, state or otherwise, behavior with such unfettered abandon. What’s to stop the Terisian regime from executing any of us?” said Kolkot. “I believe those nine were the victims of state-sponsored murder.”

Citizens are urged to report any suspicious activity to local authorities, especially any individuals thought to belong to the Legion of Liberty. Members can be easily identified by a metal skull and wreath insignia pin worn on their clothing.

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