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Terrorist Chem Attack in Averia – Death Toll Tops 3000

CANDERA – The Ministry of Public Affairs of the Averian Court has released an official statement in conjunction with a chemical attack on a small township that left over 3,000 civilians and army personnel dead. In the early morning hours of 14 Calius, the installation at Camp Nether, just outside Breversvig, was taken over by a mutinous group of religious extremists. According to the statement, one of the soldiers from the installation managed to send a distress call during the initial attack. The soldier, who has been identified as Stantheus Groltein, a lieutenant in the Averian army, was able to relay the plans of the terrorists to his superiors at Highthrall.

The report indicated that following the initial attack, the terrorists, armed in protective biological suits, unleashed chemical weaponry on the town. The Averian Court wasted no time in dispatching the 3rd Brigade out of Fort Greenbaue, who successfully killed the rebels with artillery fire.

Sources say the settlement was completely leveled during the response and the area was given a toxic classification of Category 6. The area has been fenced off and is now kept under constant watch by armed patrols to prevent trespassing.

The identity of the attackers remains a mystery. Lieutenant Groltein was posthumously awarded the Candera Cross, the highest honor in the Averian military.

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