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Top University Shutters Doors Due To Economic Downturn

AMBERDAL – Today marks the end of a nearly 800-year reign as one of the top schools in the world. Amberdal University, currently ranked 8th in the world, closed the book for good. Experts fear it will be the first in a trend of similar closures.

“What I find worrysome,” said Nandis Blackstep, former Dean at Amberdal, “is that there are only a handful of these institutions left. Places like Amberdal, Linsingram College at Letania. They push hard for exclusivity to maintain that constant elitist reputation. In today’s economic, social, and political climates, that culture of exclusion leads to extinction, which is what you see here today.”

There are only eleven remaining higher learning institutions following the Amberdal closure; current students and faculty are expected to be allowed to transfer to either Rygardine College at Victurus or Traxton Institute in Hoelera, which are the two closest campuses to AU.

Amberdal University was founded in 10,541, and was known as one of the top schools for engineerianship. Some of its notable living alumni include King Meris of House Elund and Nurius 12, Daekus of Eastwale and King Regent of Andermark. Their motto was Jrensi ia grelnor, which meant “Rise from ignorance” in High Vinthish, which is symbolized by the eagle on the crest, soaring high above a torch, which denotes illuminating knowledge.

The campus buildings are slated to be commandeered for barracks and other uses by the Clavic armed forces.

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