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Warehouse Full of Dismembered Bodies Found

NEW ELID TERISMARK – Assembly public affairs officials in Terismark released a statement that at a warehouse containing the dismembered bodies of at least two dozen people had been found in the Deadwall District of the Terisian capital.

Authorities say the bodies were discovered during a drug raid to counter the massive spread of Adoxipham in the area. New Elid’s large port makes it a hotbed of activity for drug and arms traffickers, as well as prostitution and human smuggling.

There was also speculation that the grisly discovery was what commoners refer to as a ‘slaughterhouse,’ which is where victims are taken to be killed, harvested for organs, and dismembered. The report also stated that the body parts underwent butchering, where the flesh was due to be passed off as other meat to street vendors.

Law enforcement officials also discovered twenty-two people being held captive in an underground cellar. They have been taken to a clinic to undergo emergency medical treatment.

The officials said this is not the first such warehouse they have discovered in the area.

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