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Woman Arrested For Emblem Fraud – Sentenced to Death

EVERWIND CITY – A local woman who was taken into custody this morning for wearing emblemery of the Clavic military without authorization will be hanged. Local officials were tipped off to the impostor by an unnamed citizen, and turned the suspect over to Clavic security forces.

The suspect, 28 year old Meronika Bishop, is scheduled to be hanged at 0700 in the morning tomorrow in accordance with Clavic military law. This is also in line with the laws of most other nations, which state that anyone caught wearing unauthorized emblemery are to be turned over to the misrepresented faction or organization. The punishment is at the discretion of the victim entity. In this case, the punishment is death.

As of today, all but two countries practice the custom, and emblem fraud is the only crime in which the victim has a part in sentencing. The practice is illegal in the countries of Scurn and Praul.

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