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1 in 3 Eggs Are Bad – How to Tell Them Apart

EVERWIND CITY – As the economy continues to plummet, there has been a marked increase in patronage of farmer’s markets, bazaars, and street fairs. All designed to spur local trade and support small business.

But slackened regulation leads to increased scamming, say health officials. According to a report, some experts claim as many as 1 in 3 eggs turn out to be rotten.

“You have to be careful about what you buy or trade for,” said Gellen Kirsh, director of the Helsport Market in New Elid. “Eggs are one of those things that can be passed off as legitimate. What makes it so effective is that victims don’t realize they’ve been duped until later.”

Even with less oversight, some things are still strictly enforced. In nearly every bazaar and market throughout The Verges, any meat product must be on-the-bone. This is to prevent the peddling of human meat products to unsuspecting buyers.

How to Tell the Status of an Egg

Place the egg into a container of cold water. The water level should be about two times higher than the egg.

  • If the egg floats, it’s bad.
  • If the egg balances on end, it is probably around 3 weeks old.
  • If it bobs slightly, it’s still good.
  • If it rests on the bottom on its side, it is freshest.*
    *Except for terotaur eggs. Terotaur eggs always sink to the bottom, as the fluid is denser than water. A terotaur egg shell will start to become pliable when the egg is bad.

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