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Child Slavery, Trafficking Per Capita Soars

TURRY – The Bureau of Crime Analysis announced a significant rise in child slavery and human trafficking in a three-part special report earlier today. The new statistics paint a harrowing picture on the state of affairs. The new study claims that while adult trafficking and slavery has experienced a steady rise over the last decade, the child demographic has seen a drastic spike.

“These number aren’t surprising, considering the current climate,” said Agent Eshel, who heads up an anti-trafficking task force in Whitehall. “The kiddies account for the highest income by unit out of all contraband because they are thought to be immune to the sterilizing effects of the Turmocet vaccine. Slavers still have time before they can observe whether or not this is the case. If the kids turn out to be immune, we expect to see an even larger spike, which will be difficult to monitor accurately because nearly all children born post-Turmocet are caught within this tight-knit network. If the evidence suggests they are sterile, carriers and seeders – people who can still reproduce – will be the most expensive.”

Some sources say the numbers are skewed, or at least misrepresented. “When you come out with figures that make it seem like things have taken a significant turn for the worse, you’re walking a fine line with fear-mongering. These numbers, you have to keep in mind, are indicative of the situation, but not in the way one would think,” said Irva Green, a statistician with the State Statistical Committee. “If you have ninety children in captivity out of a hundred, that’s a ninety percent rate. But if you have eighty-five children in captivity out of twenty thousand, that’s less than half of one percent. When you look at things this way, the so-called ‘spike’ isn’t as drastic. The numbers look worse than they are because there aren’t many kids left in the world.”

It is estimated that most children are trapped somewhere within the intricate network of slavery. They are used primarily for labor, but many are also forced to perform sexual acts. While younger victims often fetch the highest bounties, it is important to remember that anyone can be a victim. Human trafficking is a very lucrative industry with activities in every region of the world.

Experts say that because of these dangers, many people who find themselves unnaturally pregnant go through great lengths to hide it, even from friends, neighbors, family. The sheer value attached to reproducible people often leads to otherwise loyal people turning over even those close to them.

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