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Dretch City Takes Home Spedley Prize

DRETCH CITY – It was an exhilarating moment for the Dretch City Devils after they pulled out a final victory over the Linmark Suthers, bringing their season record to 25 wins. This makes the Devils the first team to win the coveted Spedley Prize since the International Overball League was reinstated. This probably comes as no surprise; the Suthers were the next-most successful team with only 16 wins under their jerseys. The player chosen to receive the trophy was number 26, left breaker Ansen Tell. This distinction goes to the player voted upon by his teammates as being the most valuable player during that season.

The Devils taking home the Spedley marks the end to the 1336 overball season. The International Overball League has stated that the success of this season lends a beacon of hope in these trying times, and officially they have released that there will be one new team joining the ranks in the 1337 season: the Fairstone Phoenix. The last time Gruenormark has seen a professional overball team was pre-Sam, and they were known as the Gruenor Gamblers. Ownership of the Phoenix is not with the House of Jerinsen, as the previous team had been, but it is said that they will still play on the old home field at Jerinsen Grounds.

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