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Linnish Government Passes Bill Legalizing Dueling

HOELERA, Linmark – The Linnish Chancellor gave final approval to legal dueling this week by signing the bill into law, making the island nation the third to legally sanction the practice, following Clavermark and Aeryl. 

The bill includes language that describes what constitutes a legal duel, along with the terms of the engagement. According to the new law, only consenting adults may engage in dueling and at least three neutral witnesses must be present. Street duels, referred to as “casual dueling,” may only be to first blood. Should participants wish to duel to the death, they must register the event with the local magistrate.

The bill easily passed by a vote of 13-to-2. Hoelera mayor Terrian Lockfeld issued a statement condemning the bill, but also assuring lawmakers that she will not take any action to impede progress. “I think the act is barbaric an uncivilized. I believe this law to be ill-conceived,” she said in her statement.

Proponents of the new law say it falls in line with what the people want. “Preliminary polls demonstrated overwhelming public support of the practice. We are simply fulfilling our duties as duly elected officials of the people,” said Senator Michel Samlon. He added, “If it turns out to be a bad idea, we can always repeal the law. That’s how this works. It’s a great system. Furthermore, dueling has shown to decrease rates of homicide in nation states where it is legal. I think the results speak for themselves.”

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