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Number of Murdered Agents Takes Toll – Order Patrol Struggles to Fill Slots

EVERWIND CITY – With so many people struggling to find employment, it would seem as though employers would have no trouble at all finding suitable candidates. For one such agency, this is not the case.

The Order Patrol, a specialized law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction throughout the entire Verges region, can’t fill its openings fast enough to keep up with demand. The agency says it’s because the job is too dangerous.

“We had twenty-two agents killed in the line of duty this year alone. No one wants the job. There is too much lawlessness in these lands and no one to stand up to it,” said Berl Wydridge, Chief of the Everwind City field office, which also serves as Order Patrol Headquarters. “The pay is good, and when you look at the ratio of criminals killed to agents killed, it don’t seem that bad.”

Chief Wydridge said his agency’s door is always open for prospective candidates. The Order Patrol accepts applicants from ages sixteen and up as long as they have a clean bill of health. There is also a background check.

The most recent Order Patrol death was just eight weeks ago when two agents were killed on fugitive collection near the town of Halfshaer, a known hotbed for criminal activity.

Toren Murback, a local Special Agent with the ECOP, offered his thoughts on the matter. “No one wants to join up because we don’t have enough agents to go after fugitives. The ones we do have get killed and it scares off new candidates. Thing is, if we had more agents, less of them would get killed.”

The field office is located at 5631 Point Thunder in Clutch Springs sector.

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