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Ostenton Badfins To Hold Open Tryouts

OSTENTON, Aeryl — Ostenton’s new professional overball team, the Badfins, is holding open tryouts as it fills out the roster for its inaugural season. The team is the only new expansion squad to be admitted to the International Overball League this season, bringing the number of professional teams up to sixteen. Prior to this, Fairstone Phoenix was the newest expansion.

The Badfins recently announced the signings of its first seven players, including rookie Kalen Tell, younger brother of Dretch City Devil Ansen Tell. Kalen is expected to play right midrider.

Coach Daven Goldentide says he hasn’t been impressed with the talent he’s seen in the region and believes opening the roster with open tryouts is their best chance of competing in the top league. “There’s always fools on the street who think they can play ball,” he said. “This is their chance to prove it.”

Regulations state that each team has until mid-season to finalize their rosters, which leaves only 14 weeks to impress the coach. Tryouts will occur at Ostenton Stadium practice field every morning prior to team training, and will be held up until the cutoff. “Even if we max out our roster before the deadline, should a superior player show up and out-perform one of the guys on my squad, I will make room on the roster.”

Interested players are expected to provide their own meals and transportation. Coach Goldentide also suggested that candidates arrive prepared and with a clean bill of health. Upon arrival at the practice field, candidates will first have to check in with the team physician. “I don’t want any diseases near my players. We already have an uphill battle as it is.”

The Badfins won their first game of the season 3-2 vs. the Victurus Terrors.

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