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Scurnish Flu Season Off to a Deadly Start

EVERWIND CITY – Officials have confirmed a total of thirty-four flu-related deaths this season, which is seven more than this time last year. They estimate that as many as twenty more deaths may have occurred in rural areas where accountability isn’t possible. There have also been six non-fatal cases.

While Scurnish Flu is a constant threat, its prevalence spikes during the cold months. Health officials warn that anyone is susceptible, and have issued a plea for citizens to get vaccinated against the Scurnish Flu as soon as possible. “Scurnish Flu is very deadly, especially among the elderly and malnourished,” said Amora Encott, public information officer for the Clavic Ministry of Health. “There is a prevailing, yet harmful myth that the virus is limited to the region of Scurn, because of the name. This is not the case. The virus is simply named after an outbreak that occurred in Scurn in 1171.”

The Verges are not alone. According to data reported in both Jornal Andermark and de Vorenbrad, health ministries from as many as seven other nations reported a rise in Scurnish Flu cases, deaths, and patients being treated for flu-related symptoms.

“Vaccination is the best possible way to stem the tide,” said D. Hemil Shore, Head of Physicianship at Linsingram College at Letania. “There is a fear that the vaccination is dangerous, but the reality of not getting vaccinated is far more grim.” Shore said that side effects from the vaccine, a drug called Drehydinol, are minimal in comparison to the symptoms, which include:

  • high fever
  • rash
  • diarrhea
  • swollen glands
  • congestion
  • excessive sweating
  • vomiting
  • sometimes bleeding from the nose, ears, or anus

Health officials estimated a mortality rate between 22 and 30 percent for those who contract the virus. When asked about the substantial costs that are associated with the vaccine, Everwind City Council public relations had no comment. At last one clinic in Chelsor has instituted a bartering system to help lower income citizens offset the financial burden.

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